Rachel Egan is an Irish Artist based in Dublin.

At 21 she attended Larkin Community College, in North Strand. A highly skilled based art course in sculpture, ceramics, drawing and Painting. She then went on to further her education at the National College Of Art and Design, and studied Fine Art, specializing in Painting.

Her work is an autobiographical reflection of her life. Early works expressed a cathartic release of a catholic Irish upbringing. Later works branched into a spiritual use of art to heal and survive.  Where personal reflections through drawing, diary, poetry and writings became a source of strength and guidance.

Rachel teaches art in the Community Arts sector at various schools, with teens, traveler children, addicts, ex prisoners and women’s groups.  Using art as a form of engagement with people who are isolated or reaching out from society.  Feeling the essential importance of not just being an artist, but to be human together, sharing creativity as a form of communication, equality, and compassion.

Currently she is working on a series of drawings using positive words to create a vibrational image called ‘Love Trees’.  Each ‘Love Tree’ is an individual, original drawing.  A meditation of sorts, repeating word after word letter after letter, stilling the mind for the artist and the audience In turn.

The ‘Love Tree’ is a simple image, the unseen love around one is what is genuine and real, there is no higher frequency in the universe than love, to find focus on it and live it is important so we can be ‘for something’ rather than against.

Rachel believes it is important to have an exchange of some deeper meaning between artist and audience.

“It is not enough for me to just create for aesthetic purposes. With this body of work I want to make a ‘space’ for connection with others where it becomes a reciprocal experience, an exchange of love compassion and understanding, which leaves an everlasting mark.

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