• My love tree is the most beautiful reminder of all the love I have been blessed with in my life. When I feel disconnected, hurt or even desperate, I look at my tree and I instantly remember those who have shown me love. Having this love tree has brought me more love because of the mindset it puts me in when I look at it. It attracts more love due to its powerful concept and the source it has been created from. Rachel has been through a lot in her life. She understands love but she also understands pain. She has helped to promote healing in my life through this tree and all it stands for. Also, look how beautiful it is! Thank you, Rachel!

    Danielle Griener, Toronto, Canada
  • Love, Reign O'er Me" sang Roger Dawltrey of The Who. If he ever had a Love Tree, he may realise fine artist Ms Egan has created beautiful manifestations that love can indeed "reign o'er" him.
    Her work has an ethos: highly skilled, finely crafted, and beautiful presentation. The most vital factor, however, is this: she gives parts of her true self in each and every piece, making each hand crafted piece unique in and of itself.
    Ms. Egan takes her natural curiosity to her customers. She will listen to her customers and channel their energy and desires into a customised order.
    She has the skill some one with a degree in Fine Art is expected to have, but infuses her Love Trees with all of the empathy, passion and love so that her love trees will proper, whever they live. Forever.
    Signed, gratefully,

    Randall Higgins, Dublin, Ireland
  • I was the recipient a Lovetree some years ago from Rachel as a gift. I remember feeling understood. It is one of the most unique and cherished presents that I ever received.

    Alan Delany, Drumcondra

    I bought a Love Tree off Rachel for various reasons:

    1. It's a creative, clever, artistically beautiful idea.?

    2. It's ascetically attractive.

    3. I wanted it so I could frame it to go up in my bathroom gallery.

    4. It was inexpensive, meaning real value for money.

    5. Someone told me Rachel was very poor, eating cornflakes and beans all day, wearing the same leather jacket morning noon and night, and needed the money badly.

    Martin Lynch Playwright Belfast
  • Rachel created a special Lovetree for me and my family: she drew our names hidden among all "love" words. I think this has a special meaning for a family: everyone of us has its own branch of the tree, but we are all linked together having the same trunk and roots. As in real life, each of us will follow its own path but we'll always stick together holding on to each other. And every time we look at our Lovetree we remember this.

    Andrea Broglia, Italy/Brisbane Australia
  • I received a love tree as a gift and I really treasure it, it has pride of place on my mantelpiece and is always noticed by visitors to my home, I love telling them the story behind it as it is a really original and lovely concept and a very thoughtful and personal gift. I would definitely recommend a love tree as a gift for a loved one or for a special occasion, or a gift for the person who has everything as it is a unique piece of art.

    Laura Ward, Balbriggan, Co Dublin.
  • A truly unique gift, I was able to include a quote from a poem I knew my friend loves, this made it so special and I know her love tree is sitting right by her front door, she says it's a lovely daily reminder of their special day

    Anna Campbell
  • I love my Love Tree. Thank you so much Rachel for making my Love Tree gift so perfect. It is such a special gift. And I am so happy with owning my own. It makes me smile every time I gaze at it, and I find myself gazing at it for hours, I get lost in the words. Keep up the beautiful work.

    All my love,

    Louise Butler, Rathfarnham, Co Dublin
  • I bought my first love tree from Rachel for my friends 40th birthday.

    My friend was really delighted with her love tree as I had mixed in words into the tree that referred to times when we were kids growing up as teenagers, this meant so much to her and me as she had never seen any gift so personal and beautifully crafted. I have bought several other love trees since as gifts as they really are a uniquely, personal and special present. I highly recommend.

    Stewert Duffy, Drumcondra, Co. Dublin
  • Got my love tree about 4 or 5 years ago and absolutely love it. It’s so creative and unique and definitely spreads the love within my home 


    Briege Lynch, Belfast
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