A3 (Large)


297 x 420mm

Balsa wood frame
Khadi cotton paper
Glass frame cover


Family Love Tree. 100 yr old Grandmother, Grandfather, five children, seven grandchildren, and twelve great grandchildren, are all written into the head of this love tree.


A4 (Meduim)


210 x 297mm

Balsa wood frame
Khadi cotton paper
Glass frame cover


Same A4 sized Love Tree but from a girlfriend to a boyfriend, adding in his favorite song Bright Eyes “First Day Of My Life”


A5 (Small)


210 x 148mm

Balsa wood frame
Khadi cotton paper
Glass frame cover

Wedding Love Tree

Prototype Wedding Love Tree, Couple names, John loves Jane, Venue, St Patrick’s Cathedral, date May 2nd 2018, all in the stem of the tree, and any other optional love quotes or children’s names in the head of the tree.

Each Love Tree is hand drawn and completely original, the word love inscribes the shape of a tree symbolizing the love of life, it is my intention that wherever a love tree is placed it radiates love.

Love Tree Description

In life when the head becomes so busy and it over thinks, the one thing you that you can always depend on is the present moment. The Love Tree was the first drawing that came about during a difficult time where I needed to process a lot emotionally so I thought writing and drawing would be a useful inner resource for me. I like to use my hands and I can be quite restless. Normal meditation didn’t work for me as much as drawing but they both had the same outcome… the mind becomes still.

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I then made a lot of other love trees and framed them up and posted them off to other friends who I thought might like one too. I was pleasantly surprised that it offered the same comfort as it had for me. I also liked the idea of surprising somebody in the post with an offering just for them, and it would stop and make them think for a minute. Also the post that arrived that day wasn’t just more bills coming in the door but a special piece of art. I called this project ‘ In giving we receive’, Nothing about it was end goal orientated. It wasn’t money orientated, it wasn’t exhibition orientated, it was just an unconditional message of a drawing with words, a love tree.

The concept grew from there and a forest of love trees branched out as far as Australia, Canada and U.S.A. and after a while I got regular commissions coming in and started to get paid for them. I suggested that people personalize their love tree adding in a favourite quote or dedicating a love tree to someone else as a nice personal gift.

The process became a reciprocal experience where I got a lot out of making one, out of adding in someone’s personal sentiments, and the feeling of the exchange between me and that person. I started getting phone calls from people with really touching reasons for wanting a love tree.

One phone call comes to mind of a woman who had had her daughter in a Magdalen home 50 years prior. She asked me to make her a love tree birthday card for her daughter who she was just about to meet for the very first time. It gave this woman comfort when I spoke to her to tell her I was also born in a similar mother and baby home and that it would be a lovely idea, she felt more at ease then, and she even posted me a beautiful thank you card she had painted herself.

The love tree is just a simple image but the unseen love around one is what is genuine and real, there is no higher frequency in the universe than love, to find focus on it and live it is important so we can be ‘for something’ rather than against.

I believe it is important to have an exchange of some deeper meaning between artist and audience, it is not enough for me to just create for aesthetic purposes. I want to create a ‘space’ for connection with others where it becomes a reciprocal experience and leaves an everlasting mark.

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Personalise a love tree

WEDDING LOVE TREES are very popular, I inscribe the couples names the date and the venue into one, and any other love quote, children’s names, family names in the branches as specified, anything can be put in.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVE TREE I have made happy birthday love trees for a new born baby and for 100 year old’s! and 18th, 21st, 40th etc. Usually I write in, happy birthday (name) with love (name), and again any personal sentiments can go in, for the 100 year old birthday love tree I was requested to write in the whole family’s names into the branches of the trees, it became like a family love tree, and an air loom.

PASSING AWAY OF SOMEONE writing the name of a deceased person in a love tree is a way of having a loving reminder of their memory, sometimes photos can be too pain to look at, but the spirit of love shines through a love tree when I put the person’s name into it, usually I write in, in loving memory of- who’s light shines down and watches over us always.

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